Monday, December 11, 2017

virginia loves landlords, property managers and realtors. renters? not so much

in 2012 after 7 years of owning a house in the poorly constructed community of sun city hilton head in bluffton, SC, we moved back to virginia. not wishing to buy another home in my mid 60s, we decided to rent. after moving 6 times in 6 years, and now being in my 70s, we've "thrown in the towel" and purchased another home. 

virginia is NOT friendly towards renters. 

landlords, property managers and realtors own virginia politicians. landlords, property managers and realtors violate their own leases. they: 
   - confiscate your security deposit without due cause 
   - dishonestly "prorate" rent charging more than the lease 
   - fail to repair and maintain the property in a timely fashion 
   - fail to carry out other landlord responsibilities in the lease 

virginia, including virginia's legislature and courts, refuse to insist that landlords, property managers and realtors treat renters honestly and fairly. they won't "bite the hands that feed them". 

if you're thinking of renting in virginia, then don't. the system in virginia is rigged against you.

in the state seal, virginia's government, and virginia's landlords, property managers and realtors, are dressed in blue, and renters in virginia are dressed in purple.

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