Sunday, December 27, 2015

wood floors at the Marque apartments at Heritage Hunt

You won't see it in their advertisements touting "luxury" apartments. 

You won't suspect it by the "Quiet Hours" that they promote. 

Before you sign a lease at the Marque apartments at Heritage Hunt in Gainesville VA, you need to know about noise and the Marque's wood floor construction. 

Don't be fooled! The Marque's floors aren't concrete! 

Under the carpeted and non-carpeted floors alike are plywood and the reverberation chambers that you see in this photo. When a person or persons in the apartment above you stomps around, drops items on the floors, drags items across the floor, slams shut doors and drawers, opens and closes the door to the balcony every few minutes, etc., the sound travels unabated to the floor below. Forget sleeping when they make noise in the middle of the night. 

Don't count on the property manager, Community Realty Company, Inc., headquartered in Greenbelt MD, or the owners, Huntgain Marque, LLC, to enforce the "Quiet Hours" that the Marque apartments promote. They don't.

So, if your want to sleep at night for the next year, then don't sign that lease!

If you don't believe me, then read this.

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