Thursday, August 5, 2010

Time Warner Cable

Here's what me and my neighbors have to say about Time Warner Cable:

Neighbor 1:
We have had Time-Warner TV service since it became available in SCHH, but it has become way too expensive.

My question is: does anyone have Hargray TV service and, if so, how do you like it? We have found TW to be very dependable and their 'Help Line' is very good and available 24/7.

We have Hargray Internet Service and are pleased with it.


Neighbor 2:

Posted - 06/29/2010 : 4:19:02 PM javascript:openWindow('pop_mail.asp?id=47') Francis.asp
Speaking of TW, my cable tv is down; internet works. Anyone else experiencing a problem with their TW cable tv right now? Been trying to call their help line for the last 45 minutes but nothing but a busy signal. I have all the bells and whistles for the cable tv - HD, digital, movie channels, cable box and when it works it's great but every few days it's down for one reason or another. Anyone else experiencing problems like this with TW?

Neighbor 3:
HARGRAY has a new bundle package....i started with it two weeks ago...includes...TV.basic about 62 channels...NO HD...have 3 tv's hooked up...internet mid-speed...and telephone..UNLIMITED LONG DISTANCED and LOCAL calls....all for $100 bucks a month contract had expired with them and pricing went up to over $150.00 per month so i called said i was quiting and they come up with the package i just explained...if you want HD its roughly ten bucks more.the reason for staying was for the NFL NETWERK...TW refuses to carry NFL NET.

Neighbor 4:
We just switched to TW from Hargray. They have a package for $115.00 per month before taxes. The final total will be $124.00. This includes HD, DVR, Nationwide calling and high speed internet.
There is a Time Warner office on Okatie Maintenance Road which is the road to the RV storage area. It is at the far end of that road on the right. Melissa is the person who works there and she took good care of us.
We recently received a letter from Hargray that our Package was expiring and that the cost will be raised from $92.50 to $159.99. As you probably have noticed with all the Hargray trucks driving all over Sun City they do have some big problems with the service they provide.
Good luck with whatever you decide.

1. Too many service outages. If you pay FULL fee, then you should get FULL service. Too frequently there's NO service, half (of the channels) service, no sound, poor picture, etc.
2. Why the SAME, OLD, TIRED movies EVERY night? Why not Pay Per View for basic subscribers?

TWC Help doesn't get my emails, but I get TWC's! The subject of today's is "Switch and Save".
I'm thinking of switching and saving. Switch to Direct TV or DISH, and save the frustration.

Subject: Re: TWC Service Issues (KMM2365063I11650L0KM)
Date: 8/6/2010 2:23:11 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Reply To:



I appreciate your email response.

If there are WIDESPREAD systematic problems (loss of signal, poor reception, poor video, poor sound, etc.) that affect MANY houses/customers, then I don't see how a service call to MY house will resolve these WIDESPREAD systemic problems. However, if TWC wishes to send a technician to my residence AT TWC's EXPENSE, then I have no objection to TWC doing so.

I understand your explanation regarding pay movies. From 2000 to 2004 we had BASIC DISH TV in northern Virginia. We were able to order pay per view movies by telephone. Why doesn't TWC offer this service? We believe that we should be able to order pay movies without upgrading from BASIC. If TWC wants to put a box in our house that allows to do so, AT TWC's EXPENSE, then we are amenable to TWC doing so.

Thanks again for your email.
Ray Koenig

In a message dated 8/6/2010 2:00:31 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Mr. Koenig,

I've just seen your response to my comment on your blog. I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I can understand your frustration and desire to be credited, but if there are systematic problems affecting your cable service, the first step has to be getting a technician out to your residence. They can then find the source of the issues and remedy them. Please let us know if you would like us to schedule a service call, and we will get back to you with the appointment availability.

I'd like to clarify my explanation of pay movies. With basic cable (i.e. coax cable connected directly to your TV), you have a one way flow of signal. Signal goes from our cable system to your TV. Pay movies require you to make a movie selection, and that selection needs to be sent back into our system so that the movie can be authorized for you to watch it. In other words, two-way signal, from our cable system to your TV, and from your TV to our cable system. This two way signal requires a cable box. Again, if you would like, I can inquire with the local TWC office to see if they offer cables boxes seperate from upgraded cable service.

Brien H
Social Media Representative - Time Warner Cable
Twitter - TWCableBrienH

Service call Monday. TWC will get back to me on PPV. I will update.


TWC's service technician was here this morning. Nice fella.My cable connection checked out, as I suspected. Brien, poor cable service here is WIDESPREAD. These are WIDESPREAD service/system issues--NOT individual user issues.

Before I retired I was in consulting engineering. We had many big projects, with one or more subconsultants. When the owner had a problem, the problem was OURS, even though the specific services causing the problem came from the subconsultant's work.
(The owner contracted with us, not with our subconsultants.)

For TWC to blame others for our poor cable service is CLEARLY passing the buck. We pay approximately $45 per month to TWC for basic cable TV. With frequent service outages, poor video, poor sound, etc., and the SAME tired, old movies night after night after night, we are NOT getting what we are paying for. THE PROBLEM IS TWC's. NOBODY ELSE'S.

TWC's SOP for dealing with service issues is to get the customer to pay more $$$$:
  • upgrade cable TV from basic--more $$$$
  • faster internet connection--more $$$$$
TWC, why would we pay you more $$$$ when the service is poor for the $$$$ that we're paying you now????


  1. Sir,

    I'm sorry for the email issues, but for whatever reason, we are not receiving your messages.

    With your cable service going out frequently, I would strongly recommend a service call (no charge). What you describe is more likely than not caused by a signal problem. Our technicians will be able to examine the cable lines and signal levels, and remedy any issues. Once this happens, we can then appropriately credit the account for the ongoing problem. If you could please DM us your account info, we can get an appointment set up.

    Regarding the movies that are aired, we at Time Warner Cable do not make those determinations, the networks that broadcast them do. As I mentioned, if you have any feedback on other channels/genres that you would like to see offered, we would be happy to pass that along to the TWC management in your area.

    Regarding pay-per-view for basic subscribers, without a cable box, it's not possible. The pay events need to be authorized for only the customers that pay for them, and that requires two-way communication. Your local office may offer cable box rental, separate from a cable package. If that is something you would be interested in, we can ask our contacts in your area.

    If you could advise your neighbors that they can contact us via Twitter or, it would be much appreciated.

    Brien H
    Social Media Representative - Time Warner Cable
    Twitter - TWCableHelp

  2. Brien,
    Thank you for your reply.
    The problemS are WIDESPREAD. Frequently it IS a signal problem. "No signal" displayed on the TV. Sometimes your (TWC's) message "we are experiencing difficulties..." Bottom line is that there are FREQUENT service outages here. We pay full fee for full service. If the service is out frequently, then the fee should be adjusted for PARTIAL service.

    "email issues"? I'm not having "email issues" with anyone else. They get mine, and I get theirs. How about you emailing me at, and I will reply with my account information. BTW, don't you have it? (R. Koenig, 58 Redtail Drive, Bluffton, SC 29909.) I get your promo emails.

    It seems like a dumb business practice to me to have customers who are willing to PAY for movies and you don't provide the means for them to PAY you for the movies. ????

    TWC cannot satisfy their customers with Twitter chat, promotional emails, and TWCHelp email. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! The cable here stinks! Fix the problems. Fix your programming. The SAME, TIRED, OLD movies get OLD night after night after night...