Saturday, December 1, 2012

Anderson Tire & Auto, Salisbury, MD

It's been more than 20 years ago. We were on our way to Ocean City, MD for our annual week at the beach. Our station wagon was loaded with kids, beach paraphernalia, food, etc. Around noon (Saturday) we stopped in Salisbury, MD for lunch. When we came out the car battery was dead. PANIC!

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan gave me a jump. Now, the hard part--"Where can I go to get a new battery?" "Anderson Tire and Auto" was the reply. Off I went.

It was packed. I told the person at the window my story. They said "Have a seat--we'll squeeze you in".

Within an hour I was on my way; but, that isn't the best part. Before paying the bill, I thought to myself: "Tourist, car full of kids, loaded with junk, Saturday afternoon, the only place open in town, ... Brace yourself--this is going to be expensive."

When I got home I checked the price of the new battery and found that it was actually LESS from Anderson Tire and Auto than it would have been if I had bought it at home.

Thank you, Anderson Tire and Auto, Salisbury, MD. I'll NEVER forget you.

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