Friday, August 22, 2014

Tenants rights in the Commonwealth of Virginia

If you're a renter in the Commonwealth of Virginia, then you're out of luck.

In the past three years we've rented three houses. The first, managed by VHS Management, Inc., was in Culpeper VA. In 2012 a summer storm washed out the driveway and reopened a leak in the kitchen. The standard Northern Virginia Association of Realtors Inc. lease says that the landlord is responsible for promptly repairing damage not caused by the tenant. After six weeks of roofwater leaking onto our kitchen table we filed a Tenant Assertion and Complaint with the Culpeper General District Court. The judge declined to rule on the case. Such that it is in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We are currently renting a house in Warrenton VA. ARMI is the rental property manager. When I told them that there wasn't a receptacle for either cable or satellite TV in the living room ARMI's representative said to me "Come back when you have a real problem", and hung up one me. 
Do you think that the jerk from ARMI has one of these in his living room? in other rooms in the rest of his house? I'll bet that he does. In any event he surely has more in his house than we do in the house that we are renting through ARMI, which is ZERO.

Needless to say, ARMI isn't going to win any tenant customer satisfaction awards with their "Caveat Emptor" attitude towards tenants. Check out ARMI's customer reviews in Google and Yelp.
Such that it is in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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