Thursday, September 4, 2014

Beware of the Buyer (ARMI, Warrenton, VA)

My Google customer review of ARMI, Warrenton VA:

"When I told them that there wasn't a receptacle for either cable or satellite TV in the living room, ARMI's representative said to me "Come back when you have a real problem", and hung up on me. Needless to say, ARMI isn't going to win any tenant customer satisfaction awards with their "Caveat Emptor" attitude towards tenants. 

forget the one-star rating--go with the word description for one star: "hated it".

The list just keeps on growing; and, we moved in only 2 weeks ago. The latest issues are the clothes washer and dryer, which, according to the lease, are supposed to be “in good working condition”. Neither worked. We discovered that the electrical breaker box is located in another renter’s space that’s inaccessible to us (so is the furnace). We also discovered about 10 pounds of lint in the dryer exhaust, which is no surprise since the lint screen for the dryer that doesn’t work is nowhere to be found. We also discovered that the dryer exhausts at first floor level (the dryer is in the basement). In between are about 20 ft. of flexible dryer exhaust hose inside a wall and in between the basement ceiling and the first floor. Next stop, Fire Marshall. C’mon, renters! Let’s change ARMI’s SOP from “Caveat Emptor” to “Beware of the Buyer”. Post your reviews; and, keep them coming."

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