Monday, March 23, 2015

Actions speak louder than words, Comcast

Date: Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 8:55 AM
Subject: Re: Comments for Tom Karinshak (KMM30582852V71830L0KM)

To: Comcast ECARE <>


Pardon me if I don't sound more grateful; but, as a Comcast customer, I expect better cable TV and customer service than we've received for the past six months. Quite simply, for the fee that I pay, I expect to be able to watch the channel that I want to watch when I want to watch it. Starting six months ago this has not been the case. 

Further, as a customer, I expect to be told the truth; and, when there's a problem, I expect it to be fixed ASAP. This has not been the case. Instead, I've spent countless frustrating hours on the phone with your service representatives trying to get the problem addressed. The fact that these many months later that the problem has not been fixed speaks for itself.

Actions speak louder than words. This goes for Mr. Karinshak's letter,  Hear from Tom Karinshak , and for the numerous times that I've been told by Comcast employees that I'm an important customer, that I "...deserve a superior experience...", "we are here for you", etc. The facts are that my experience has been far from superior and that had Comcast been "here for me" then Comcast would have leveled with me, and told me months ago that there are problems with Comcast's signal at my location, and either fixed the signal problems promptly or given us a reduced rate for a weak signal.

Frankly, I've heard "we are sorry for your inconvenience" so many times from Comcast employees over the past six months that, for me, the words ring hollow. 

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