Monday, April 20, 2015

ARMI chickensh_t

From: Koenig 
Date: Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 7:56 PM
Subject: Your letter dated April 16, 2015
To: ARMIRealty
Cc:, Deanna Duke


Thank you for your letter dated April 16, 2015 regarding Article 14 of the lease. Be assured that we will not trim any trees without the express written permission of the agent/owner.

Did the unnamed person who "brought to our attention that you have trimmed/cut trees" mention that all of the tree branches, limbs, etc. that we removed from the lawn were dead, lying on the ground and interfered with mowing the lawn? Unfortunately, we didn't think it necessary to take photos of the dead limbs, branches, etc. lying on the lawn that prevented us from mowing the lawn underneath them; but, the pile of dead branches, limbs, etc. that we removed to beyond the edge of the lawn is there for your examination. 

FYI, the largest of the dead limbs, branches, etc. that was lying on the ground had been there since the day that we moved in. We mowed around it last fall because neither you, the owner nor your representative showed us the limits of the area that we are responsible for mowing, and it was unclear to us if the lawn under and around the large dead limb was our responsibility to mow. As it became clear to us that the large dead limb is in the area where we are responsible for mowing the lawn, and since we couldn't mow properly under and around it, we removed it a few days ago before mowing the lawn this spring. We regret doing so. In the future, we will mow around fallen limbs, branches. etc.

Ray & Jenny Koenig

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