Monday, April 20, 2015

Comcast's shell game

Try communicating with Comcast in writing (email) about a service problem. Try finding an email address for Comcast customer service. You can't. Comcast only communicates by phone. Why? Because with a telephone call Comcast customers don't have proof in writing of the lies that Comcast's customer service reps are telling them.

Comcast customer service reps only have first names--"Steve" or "Mary" or "Bill" or ...  Who's lying to you? Answer: You'll never know.

Try dealing with the same person at Comcast. You can't. You get "Steve" one call, "Mary" the next, "Bill" the third time, etc. on the same issue. Comcast is a master at the shell game.

Unless you like getting jerked around, do yourself a favor--don't do business with 

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