Friday, September 4, 2015

The Marque at Heritage Hunt

Common space:
  1. Fitness room has good equipment (treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, etc.); it's sparingly used. Most of the few who use the fitness room don't wipe equipment down after they use it. Some of the few who use the fitness room don't put away their "toys" (barbells, dumbbells, folding chairs, large, inflated, rubber exercise balls, TV remotes, basically anything that isn't nailed down), leaving them in walkways as tripping hazards. I pity those who are handicapped and/or don't see well. The Marque needs a sheriff. (I wonder what the Marque's insurance carrier would say?)
  2. Common hallways. the temperature in some hallways is 85 degrees, and smell like a kennel. The Marque needs a sheriff.
  3. Dumpsters are often filled beyond capacity and smell. The Marque needs a sheriff.
  4. Stairway #4, which has a security camera and is signed "emergency exit only", is used routinely by some dog owners, some of whom don't clean up after their dogs. The grass outside the exit to stairway #4 is mostly dead with some dog owners taking the shortest possible route for their dogs to pee. The Marque needs a sheriff.

Private space:

Aside from barking dogs and noise from the apartment above, we love our apartment. As those who live on the first thru third floors know (the Marque has four floors), the Marque's wood floor construction (not the covering, but the structural floor and supports underneath) transmits sound well. When your upstairs neighbor stomps around 24/7, and opens and closes the sliding door to the balcony, takes showers, flushes toilets, does laundry, vacuums, moves furniture, talks loudly, etc. between 11 PM and daylight (more often than every once in a while), then it's difficult to sleep. The Marque needs a sheriff.

All residents, and the landlord, should be concerned when a few irresponsible residents (together with unresponsive management) create conditions that adversely affects the living environment that most residents (and, presumably, the landlord) seek.

visit the website: Marque residents 

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