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Don't do business with ARMI--they're crooks!

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And, if that isn't bad enough: 
  1. ARMI breaks its own lease by failing to provide us with a detailed list of their claims against our security deposit within the time allotted by the lease; ARMI has failed to return any of our security deposit. 
  2. ARMI incorrectly prorates rent for partial months (simple middle school math), fails to acknowledge their error and doesn't reimburse us for their overcharge. 
  3. ARMI hasn't reimbursed us for propane that we had to buy but didn't use. ARMI told us prior to move-in that the heat is "electric heat". At move-in we discovered that the propane furnace is inaccessible--located in another renter's space. We also discovered after move-in that the underground propane tank is empty. (We found the inconspicuous above-ground propane tank cover after move-in--no thanks to ARMI.)
For just these three items ARMI owes us approximately $2,500.



Not all businesses are crooks like ARMI. A few months ago we bought some shrimp from Harris Teeter. Later we realized that we had been overcharged. We paid approximately $20 for shrimp that should have cost approximately $10. Harris Teeter's clerk had incorrectly entered the wrong unit price (for prepared shrimp)--double the unit price for the uncooked shrimp that we bought. 

When we called the manager at Harris Teeter, he apologized. He told us to bring in the receipt at our convenience and they would reimburse us for the overcharge. When we took the receipt to Harris Teeter, not only did they reimburse us for the amount of the overcharge, but also they apologized again, and reimbursed us the total amount of the purchase, including the cost for the uncooked shrimp, for their mistake. That's how a good business treats its customers!

Contrast that with ARMI refusing to even explain an incorrect $200+ overcharge for rent for partial months at the beginning and end of the lease period. Only a CROOKED business would refuse to admit how they gypped a customer more than $200 by incorrectly calculating 15 days rent from a monthly rate--a calculation that a middle school student could perform correctly! 

Even more blatant, ARMI hasn't reimbursed us for propane gas that we purchased, but didn't use. 
  1. ARMI told us that the heat was electric--it isn't--it's propane.
  2. When we discovered the empty propane tank, we sent ARMI a photo that showed the propane gauge reading empty.
  3. The landlord verified that the propane tank was empty. 
  4. At the end of the lease we took another photo of the propane gauge showing 15% full.
  5. ARMI didn't reimburse us for 75 gallons of propane gas that we purchased but didn't use.
They're CROOKS!

Finally, we left the premises in MUCH better condition than it was at the beginning of the lease. (The only "mess" was the clothes washer and dryer that were listed with the house as working, but didn't, the hot water heater that was replaced, but not removed, and old paint cans, fire extinguisher, bucket, plunger, plastic chairs, etc. that were there when we moved in.) Our two and a half typewritten pages move-in report, required by the lease, documents all of this. In ARMI's move-out inspection ARMI lists dust on the rough lumber mantel that we vacuumed when we vacated! Not only does ARMI not know how to treat their customers, but they're CROOKS to boot!

Don't do business with ARMI--they're CROOKS!

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