Saturday, May 30, 2015

Things that you should find out BEFORE you rent from ARMI

Top 12 things that you should find out BEFORE you rent from ARMI
12.    Do the electrical outlets work?

11.    Where is the electrical breaker box? Will I be paying for another renter's electricity?

10.    How long will it take to reset a breaker (without access to the breaker box)?

9.      Do any of the coaxial cable outlets work (for cable/satellite TV & internet)?

8.      Where is the furnace? Is it in another renter's space?

7.      Is the heat really electric (or is it propane?)? Is the propane tank empty?

6.      Do the clothes washer and dryer actually work?

5.      How do I shut off the water if a pipe breaks?

4.      Are you going to remove the previous renter's half-burned logs from the fireplace before new renters move in?

3.      Why does another renter have 24/7 access to this space? If he has access to mine, why don't I have access to his?

2.      Is removing a dead limb from the ground a violation of the "no trimming" clause in the lease?

1.      Does anyone at ARMI know how to read?

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