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ARMI, rental property managers, Warrenton VA

Definitely  at or near the top of the "worst companies in my lifetime that I've ever had to deal with" list is ARMI, rental property managers, in Warrenton VA. 

A good company is one that values its customers. ARMI treats its customers like dirt. Don't take my word for it--check out Google reviews, Yelp, etc. 

One of the many instances where ARMI treated us poorly is the move-in inspection report. The lease requires that the tenant submit "...a written report itemizing the condition and/or damages of the Premises existing at the time of occupancy...".

Our move-in inspection report, which follows, was two and a half, single-spaced, typewritten pages long.

Do you know what ARMI did with it? Nothing--they ignored it. ARMI didn't discuss any of the items on our move-in inspection report with us; they didn't fix the many problems. ARMI ignored the problems; and, ARMI ignored us.

You don't want to do business with ARMI, rental property managers, in Warrenton VA. ARMI is the pits!


Thank you for sending us your Inspection Report for 6686 Riley Road. We received it in our mail on Saturday, 8/23/2014.

Needless to say the house is not new, so it’s impossible to provide a detailed list of condition and damages to the property, some of which are the result of normal wear and tear over many years.

Following are additional items to your report that we have seen in the five days since we moved in. Items that should be addressed by the landlord/management company are bold:

1) Master Bathroom

a) In tub/shower, hot is blue and cold is red

b) Floor stained (cigarette?)

2) Hall Bathroom

a) Exhaust fan sounds like grinding metal

b) Top electrical outlet does not work (loose)

c) Cold water handle on left sink is loose.

d) Wood finish on both handles of left sink is worn.

3) Dining Room

a) Wood floor in front corner (kitchen side) is damaged (water?; see photo)

b) Multiple black scratch marks on floor (see photo)

4) Kitchen

a) Two shelf restraints missing from freezer

b) There are holes in the bottom of the dishwasher silverware holder.

c) Dishwasher detergent dispenser is broken.

d) Formica countertop chipped

e) Black finish on oven control panel is damaged

f) Light fixture over sink is loose

g) “Cube” control on refrigerator icemaker doesn’t work

h) Refrigerator exterior scratched

i) Multiple gouges in linoleum floor

j) Black (mold?) under clear caulking behind sink

k) Lower hinge on bottom cabinet door is detached

l) Inside oven is stained

m) Bottom cover on exhaust hood is missing

n) Desktop next to refrigerator is permanently stained

5) Master Bedroom

a) Dead bolt for door to screened porch is damaged.

6) Left Bedroom

7) Right Bedroom

a) There is no air flow from the floor register at the front wall when the HVAC is on.

b) Air flow from the other floor register in the right bedroom is minimal.

8) Utilities

a) Some electrical outlets are fouled with paint so as to make them inoperable.

9) Yard area

a) Brick walks and step in front are damaged and in poor condition.

b) Downspout extension across brick walk at entrance is a hazard.

c) Paint splatter and permanent stains on covered concrete porch at entrance.

d) Permanent stains and paint splatter on brick stairs and walkways in front.

e) Multiple nail holes on wood column supporting covered porch in front.

f) Paint cans on carport are not ours.

g) Screen door to screened porch sticks at floor.

h) Wood paneling on screen porch is permanently stained and water damaged.

i) Neither outside wall light beside doors to screened porch work. Screws for removing globes are “frozen” by rust.

j) Rotting tree limbs/trunks beside carport.

k) Erosion at splash block at carport corner.

l) Cracks, algae/mold and dirt on outside concrete, brick and wood walls at basement walkout.

m) Concrete slab at basement walkout is cracked, stained and muddy.

n) Hole in concrete slab at corner of basement walkout.

o) Shed:

i) Shed roof leaks.

ii) Wood walls wet, black and water damaged.

iii) Paint cans, shutters, chairs, gutter guards, downspout extension, etc. are not ours.

p) Propane? (see photo)

10) Basement

a) The clothes washer and dryer are not in “good working condition” as stated in item 49 of the lease. Only the hot water feed works on the washer and the dryer doesn’t work at all.

b) Outside key to basement walkout?

c) Glass at walkout is permanently cloudy.

d) Light bulbs missing from fluorescent light fixtures.

e) Laundry tub faucets leak.

f) Trash, dirt and duct tape on utility closet floor.

g) Paint cans, paper, Swiffer mop and curtain rod in utility closet are not ours.

h) Icemaker is inoperable (lying in the bottom of the freezer).

i) Ceiling over wood burning stove is stained.

j) Hooks in ceiling.

k) Hooks, nails and nail holes in walls.

l) Crack in drywall at wood burning stove.

m) Painted concrete floor is cracked, stained and scratched.

n) Wood baseboard at utility closet is water damaged.

o) Paint cans, brooms and fire extinguisher are not ours.

p) We do not know if the wood burning stove is safe to operate. Our insurance carrier asked us if it was professionally installed and when it was last cleaned.

11) Living Room

a) Closer is missing from the door handle of the door to the screened porch.
b) Fireplace is not clean.

i) Partially burnt logs and soot in firebox.

ii) Mesh screen is dirty.

iii) Cracks, efflorescence, soot and nail on brick face.

iv) Bricks in front of the firebox are stained.

v) Nails in wood mantel.

vi) We do not know what the 4 metal covers on the brick face are. Two of the four have backing more-or-less intact and the other two have holes poked in the backing.

c) Wood flooring is scratched and water damaged.

12) Home Exterior

a) Leaning, large tree at driveway edge is damaged and in poor condition.

b) Flood light at steps from carport to deck is inoperable; one lamp is missing.
13) Hallway

a) Screws in ceiling near bathroom.

b) Black scrape on wall in closet at end of hallway.

c) The left switch on the dual light switch at the beginning of the hallway appears to be inoperable.

14) Front Entrance

a) Exterior of door scratched and stained.

b) Entrance door jamb gouged at dead bolt.

c) Splattered paint on entrance door base plate.

d) Linoleum floor torn at front door.

e) Paint splattered on linoleum floor and quarter round base.

f) Cracks, patched holes, black marks and chipped paint on inside of coat closet door.

15) Den1

a) There are no working coaxial cable outlets for cable or satellite TV in the den, living room, bedrooms or any other rooms in the house.

b) Staple holes in door frame from entry.

Please forward a copy of this report to the Landlord.

Thank you,

Ray & Jenny Koenig

rental property managers
Warrenton VA
Fauquier County VA

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