Friday, July 22, 2016

squatters, Somerhill Farms apartments, Gainesville, VA

Somerhill Farms apartments
Gainesville, VA
on the trail that connects to Jefferson St. (Haymarket)
July 6, 2016, 10 AM

I emailed these two photos to Gates Hudson's on-site property manager. She replied "we will contact the authorities".

July 7

The tent is still there! Gates Hudson's property manager and maintenance man said that parents kicked their two "kids" out of their apartment. Gates Hudson's property manager also said "All I can do is report it to the police. After that, there's nothing I can do. You can contact the police if you like." She also tried to tell me that the property doesn't go to the trail where the squatters are. She's wrong.

Source: Prince William County VA GIS (Geographic Information System) a.k.a. "County Mapper"

Not knowing how old the "kids" were who had been kicked out of their parent's apartment, I called the Prince William County child abuse hotline. Later I noticed two police cars outside our building. One cop was in the car and the other was wandering around like he was lost. I told him that I may be able to help them find what they're looking for. "The tent?"  "Yep." 

Later when I went to get the mail the two police cars were parked at the office. One cop called to me. He said: "They're both 18. There's a note on the tent that says 'We'll be out by tonight." He also said: "I don't think they've ever been camping--their tent is set up in the worst possible place (right in the middle of the trail)." 

July 8
The tent is still there! We didn't backtrack today. We walked around the tent in the middle of the trail. (I had my cane with me.) I saw someone laying inside the tent; he didn't look 18 to me. 

Now I understand. My only questions are:
  1. to the parents: Why did you give them the tent?
  2. Will the cops follow up? (I'm doubtful.)
  3. to Gates Hudson: Why on earth did you ever allow them to squat on the property that you're managing for the owner(s)? (Perhaps Gates Hudson is more stupid than I thought.)
July 9 (day 4)

The tent is still there! smack dab in the middle of the trail. same note that's been there since day 1 ("We will have our stuff gone by tonight..."):

It smells of human waste--a Health Department issue.

July 10 (day 5)

As far as my questions are concerned:
  1. I'm beginning to understand why the parents threw these liars out of their apartment. What I don't understand is why they gave them the tent.
  2. Like I figured, the cops didn't follow up.
  3. Gates Hudson is dumber than I thought. No one in their right mind would take on the liability themselves (and the owner(s) that they represent) for injuries that the squatters cause to themselves and/or others. Besides this, there's the issue of adverse possession (squatters' rights). 

July 15 (day 10)

Finally, after 10 days they're gone! Now all that's left is their trash:
and the smell human waste. YUCK!

In addition to being wrong and reckless, Gates Hudson's property manager fails to meet the owner's/property manager's responsibilities outlined in their lease. She also fails to keep residents informed of situations that impact our safety, protection and comfort. She's not looking out for the owner(s) or the residents--she's just looking out for herself.

customer talk: Somerhill Farms apartments, Gainesville VA

This is one of those deals where nobody wins:
  • not the residents of Somerhill Farms
  • not the owners of Somerhill Farms
  • not PWC police
  • not PWC Child Protective Services
  • not the parents of the squatters
  • not property manager Gates Hudson
  • and, most of all, not the squatters

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