Saturday, October 8, 2016

Somerhill Farms Gainesville VA hypocrites

Somerhill Farms
7351 Yountville Drive
Gainesville, VA 20155
(703) 754-8008

Property Photo
Dear resident (s):

There are many people who are being towed because they are not hanging the parking tag in their window or they are parking in visitors parking spaces without a tag.  
ALSO- Fire lane parking is and always has been prohibited. This is not just a lease violation but a Prince William County violation.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have a visitor- they MUST hang the visitor tag we issued on their rear view mirror. If someone is parked in your space, you have the ability to call Manassas towing to have them tow the car. You must then park in visitor with a visitor tag in place of your parking tag. To combat abuse of visitor parking, the tow truck driver has been instructed to tow any vehicle that has parked in visitor for more than 3 days/week. That said, if you have a long term visitor please be sure to contact the office so we may issue a proper tag. 

DOG WASTE IN VALET TRASH CANS!  It has been brought to our attention that someone has been placing dog waste bags in empty valet waste trash cans that have yet to be pulled in after trash pick up. This is not only unfair to your neighbor who owns the trash can but it's extremely rude. We have several dog waste stations throughout the property. Please be sure you are not walking your dog (or letting them urinate/defecate) on the grassy areas around the buildings. It is unfair to those who wish to open their windows and it is killing the grass.There are designated spaces along the conservation area and we have a dog park behind building 7300.  When using the dog park please be sure to pick up after your pet. We now have security cameras and for full disclosure pet waste violations start at $100 and increase thereafter by $100 for subsequent violations.
Please help us keep your community clean and safe!

Thank you

Somerhill Farms

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