Monday, March 28, 2011

Wachovia/Wells Fargo

This inept company is stuck in the last century. “Customer service” is a joke (not funny).

Wachovia/Wells Fargo failed to distribute my father’s IRAs to his heirs in 2004. I served as my Dad’s financial power of attorney, including joint on his Wachovia checking account, for more than 10 years before he died. I was executor of his estate. Despite the fact that I also had personal accounts with Wachovia Bank before and after his death, WACHOVIA FAILED TO SEND ME STATEMENTS FOR MY FATHER’S IRA ACCOUNTS FROM 2004 TO 2009. When, in 2011, I received a statement for 2010, I discovered that my father’s IRAs were NOT distributed in 2004 as I thought they had been.

Wachovia’s/Wells Fargo handling of this matter has been ABYSMAL. Wachovia’s/Wells Fargo’s toll free number has 10 minutes of recorded voice menus to navigate through BEFORE you can reach a live person. Unlike MOST businesses today, Wachovia/Wells Fargo doesn’t have secure internet communications to handle these matters electronically.

Don’t try sending snail mail to John G. Stumpf, Wells Fargo’s Chairman & CEO. He’ll hand it off to someone(s) who won’t address the facts or answer your questions.

CLEARLY, Wachovia/Wells Fargo is a company whose "customer service" performance doesn’t match its hype.

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