Monday, September 26, 2016


Following are my comments about a really bad experience that we had with Hilton hotels:

At 4:30 AM on Saturday 9/24/16 my wife and I checked out of the Hilton Atlanta Northeast (HAN). The screaming and other noise coming from the 7th floor hallway and other 7th floor rooms began the evening before and continued through the night. When I asked the desk clerk if he could assist in making a reservation for us at the nearby Hampton Inn (HI), he said that he couldn't. Being a Hilton Honors (HH) member, and knowing that HAN and HI are all under the same "umbrella", I am miffed as to why the desk clerk was unable to help me with my simple request. 

We checked out of HAN and into the nearby HI. When I checked my HH account, it showed that we were checked in at both HAN and HI. I called the Hilton 800 number. The first Hilton representative (HR) that I talked to had an accent such that I was only able to understand about 10% of what she said. The second HR that I spoke to said that we might be billed for Saturday night at HAN. The second HR said that she was going to hang up on me, and I told her "go right ahead". I then spoke to the third HR, Karon Tank, who understood our situation.

For the record, I did not ask for a refund for Friday night or for anything else other than removing Hilton's error from my HH account that showed that we were checked in at both HAN and HI. I understand that the screaming and other noise at HAN is part of the world that we live in today. I understand that HAN wasn't going to do anything about the noise for fear of a lawsuit. We knew that our only course of action was to check out of HAN and check into another hotel. What is most disturbing to me is that the HAN desk clerk couldn't help us with our reservation at the nearby HI and the attitudes of the first two HRs when I called about Hilton's error of showing on my HH account that we were checked in at both HAN and HI.

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