Thursday, December 15, 2016

the retirement maze: a decent place to live

dead end #1 - bought a house in a SC retirement community
  • poorly built house
  • poorly built community 
  • infrastructure: golf courses, poorly built community buildings, roads, ponds, utilities, etc.
  • high liability
dead end #2 - rented a house in Culpeper VA
  • bad landlord & property manager
  • roof leaked, driveway washed out, water problems, etc.
dead end #3 - rented a house in Nokesville VA
  • fickle landlord decided to move back
  • 2 acre lot to mow and maintain landscaping
dead end #3 - rented a house in no. Fauquier Co. VA
  • basement rented by another renter; some of his electric on our bill
  • crooked property manager advertised gas heat when it was propane; and, propane tank was empty.
  • crooked property manager advertised "working clothes washer and dryer" included. neither worked. we had to purchase a washer and dryer at our expense.
  • neighbor's dog on property
  • poor cable TV service including a lack of working coaxial cable outlets
  • house, carport and roof in poor condition
  • long, unpaved, dead-and-dying-tree-lined driveway 
  • trees, leaves, grass, bushes, etc.
dead end #4 - Marque apartments in Gainesville VA
  • upstairs neighbor up all night running and stomping, moving furniture, slamming balcony door
  • dogs barking & smelly hallways
  • bad property manager
dead end #5 - Somerhill apartments in Gainesville VA
??? #6 - rental house in Strasburg VA
  • less traffic
  • fewer people 
  • we're hoping for a better class of people, but at least they won't be living in the same building that we're living in
  • relatively new house 
  • relatively small lot to mow (no leaves from trees to rake or clog gutters)
  • $1K/mo. less rent

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